Nostalgika is first and foremost a soul destroying rock 'n roll band. As such, there are some things that you, as a potential soul destroyee, must agree to before we play:

  1. Are you and the denizens of your club / arena / living room prepared in the following ways:
    • Do you have a suitable sound system to carry our sonic awesomeness at least 3 miles in any direction (including straight down)?
    • If there are any women present at the show, are they aware that they will most likely want to make out with us at the end of the show? Are they also aware that we, most likely, will not make out with them?
    • Will there be a selection of sparkling and still waters for us to choose from?
  2. You will need a wide variety of commercial cleaning products to clean up all the faces that have been melted/blown off during the course of our show.
  3. We don't ask you to listen to us sober, so don't expect us to wear any clothes.
  4. Projecting "Karate Kid", "16 Candles" or "Beast Master" on a large screen behind us while we're playing is not a requirement, but should be seriously considered when setting up the stage.

If the answer to the above is "Yes" or "Rokken with Dokken" then we will play for you.

Please email The_Gun to set up shows.

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